Hugh Howey Fanfiction Contest — Read Colony Collapse!

Friends, Romans, and countrymen! Lend me your ears!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m competing in The Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition, which has a $5,000 grand prize, and my entry is finally ready!



Jessa is technically 24 years old, but she was born just two weeks ago, a genetically engineered colonist living on the galaxy’s distant and dangerous frontier. Trained as a Logic Engineer, she’s responsible for maintaining computers across the colony, but the latest software bug may be more than it seems… and her efforts to fix it will determine the future of her entire world.

Thanks to Booktrack’s very cool tech, the full story has a soundtrack designed, edited, and most likely horribly mangled by yours truly… so hop on over, give the story a read, and maybe give me your vote if you’re feeling generous!


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Crowds Cheer Passive Voice Article!

…well, that may be overstating matters a bit. Nevertheless, The Passive Voice: Its Darkest Secrets Revealed! was one of the few pieces tweeted by Medium’s editorial staff on Saturday, which brought in (by my standards) a metric buttload of traffic. I’m jazzed right now.

In other news, Earthian‘s summer break continues, and I’m so sorry for the delay.  I’m working on a few fast side-projects (articles and short stories) in order to attract a little attention for Earthian‘s returns… and maybe even win some prize money along the way.  I already have an entry ready for The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Monster contest, and I’m also gearing up to compete in The Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition. Hugh Howey’s contest has a $5,000 purse, and… wow. Just wow.  I’m probably going to need help with that one, and I hope I can count on you to lend me your vote!

As for Earthian, the season will be starting back up the first week of August with Chapter 15: Odyssey!


-dances awkwardly away-


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The Passive Voice — Its Darkest Secrets Revealed!

Mr. Fang in B&W

-cue dramatic music-

The passive voice… Among writers, it’s public enemy number one. This heartless killer is responsible for a string of grisly slayings that stretch across history, beginning all the way back in ancient Sumer and continuing on to the present day. It’s already in your home, crawling on your ceiling, and you could be its next victim.

No one is truly safe while the passive voice remains a fugitive from justice, and that’s why I’m here writing this – to expose its darkest, most depraved secrets, and to ask for your assistance in stopping the monster once and for all.
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Short Story — Bodies in Revolution

Surprise update!  I put together a story for a writing prompt at io9 the other night, and thought I’d share.  The prompt was a concept painting by an artist named YONG, whose work can be found at his personal gallery.  This is the image:

Stone Hand, by YONG

And now my piece inspired by it, called…

Bodies in Revolution


They left it here to remind us.

A monstrous hand arcs up and over me, an oppressive monument built of soil and stone, conjured from the ground using technology beyond our understanding. We call it a Grip of Five, and it’s the standing embodiment of their raw power; their unsullied hatred; and most of all, their absolute dominion over our civilization.

When they tossed us aside, the invaders left the hand and a thousand replicas scattered across our world, a promise and a threat undying, an inescapable reminder of who precisely is at our throats. That hand makes sure we can never forget one simple fact: that all we are, and whatever meager belongings we may cling to… all of it belongs to them.

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Earthian — Chapter 14: Nightfall

I’m afraid Tuesday came a little late this week.  Must be some kind of quirk in the space-time continuum.  Nevertheless, it’s time for more…

Earthian Title Card

Earthian!  Today, we’re blasting off into the second act with Chapter 14, whose name is (now) Nightfall.  If you’re just joining the program, you can catch up on old episodes right here at the Oktopod Blog.

Lift off in T-Minus 3, 2, 1…




Of all the strange things we saw and experienced during our time in space, this one name will haunt me forever. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time. It was just another weird thing Owijer said. A new toy. Another simuloid in an endless parade of them.

I didn’t know the danger the word represented… or the hidden truth it stood guard over. And because I had no idea, I didn’t care at all when the Aggressor-V exercise was cancelled. There were more important things to deal with all of a sudden. Continue reading


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Earthian Delay

Sorry the next chapter is so late!  Been working on the house a lot (we’re getting ready to sell), and it’s pushed my production schedule back a bit.  Chapter 14 should be up later today.

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Earthian — Chapter 13: M

It’s Thursday, so pull up a chair and prepare for another adventure-filled episode of…

Earthian Title Card

Earthian!  Today, we’re heading back to the surface of the Moon, so take a deep breath and get ready.

If you’re just joining the story, you can catch up right here at the Oktopod Blog.

Alright, let’s hop in…


“Come on… wake up, buddy.”

“Fghunlh,” I say (more or less).

Something’s poking me in the ribs. I’m wedged in a very uncomfortable place, and I just want to keep my eyes closed.

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