Earthian — Chapter 07: Gloss

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Let’s have some more adventures in space…

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Tonight’s episode is called Gloss and it picks up directly after Tuesday’s chapter, Farther.

And away we go…


Owijer. He’s unmistakable, and I’m amazed at just how easy it is to tell two of these aliens apart. If someone put two squid in a tank and asked me to recognize them by face, I couldn’t do it. But the Seelio… their features are as big and bright as a cartoon character’s. They’re human-like somehow, despite having heads like half-filled water balloons and mouths surrounded by tentacles.

So many tentacles.

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Earthian: Chapter 06 — Farther

Happy Tuesday everyone!  And now, it’s time for more Earthian!

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Sorry for the late update!  Family took me out to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier (very slick super-hero techno-thriller, btw) as an early birthday celebration, so I got a late start editing tonight.  But here we are.

If you’re just catching up, previous chapters can be found in the weekly Earthian Digest, released every Saturday.

Let’s do this thing.


Storm clouds are gathering like one of grandma’s shawls. Rain has come and gone and come again, but at least it’s warm out. Some kind of tropical storm, I guess, so I don’t mind too much.

June isn’t as happy about it. Water is dripping down her glasses, and she keeps wiping drops from the tip of her nose, all the while nervous about her camera, tablet, and science kit.

All I’ve got is a (thoroughly soaked) backpack with a change of clothes inside, and the phone in my pocket.  What do I really need to bring on a trip to the Moon? Got a feeling my swim trunks and bug spray won’t be needed.

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Earthian Digest, Vol. 1

Welcome to the first weekly Earthian Digest!

Earthian Title Card

Every Saturday from here on in, I’ll be looking back on the week’s releases in a handy, compact format. Let’s get started, shall we?

Earthian — The First Five Chapters

On a sunny day in May, Jason Yun sees something streaking through the sky. Aliens called the Seelio have arrived on Earth… and they’re adorable.

A year later, a new game called Audition begins to sweep the world, and Jason starts to play.

As Jason starts to climb Audition’s scoreboard, his best friend Wiley has some concerns.

In the race to first place, there’s only one person left in Jason’s way.

The truth about Audition comes out.

Also Available:

On a planet beyond sanity, two will sit at the Table of Concentricity when the flatulent truth comes to light.

Coming Up Next Week…

On Tuesday, I’ll be premiering Earthian, Chapter 05: Farther, which sees Jason taking a trip with a very special guest. See you then!

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Earthian: Chapter 05 — Exposure

It’s time once again for…


Jason’s considering quitting Audition after his last (nigh-disastrous) challenge, but it seems fate has something else in store for him.

If you’re just joining us, you can find the previous chapters of Earthian right here at the Oktopod Blog.


Saturday morning. I’ve been lying in bed for an hour or two, begrudgingly awake with an arm draped over my face to guard against the light… to blot out this stupid day.

All I can think about is the sight of Helena Moore dangling from her fingertips, the street so far below that I could swear we were in orbit. How long would that fall have taken? Minutes? Hours? Would she have run out of breath before she hit?

I want to sleep but I just can’t manage to shut off. My body knows it’s time to get up, despite my brain’s furious disagreement.

That’s when I hear it. June is shouting something unintelligible and I can hear other voices murmuring. She isn’t angry. This is her excited voice.

I honestly prefer an angry June.

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Short Story — Mission: Centauri (Earthian Side Story)

I participated in another writing prompt on Google+ last night, and decided to use the opportunity to fill out some of Earthian’s universe… Specifically, the sci-fi TV show that Jason’s friend, Wiley, is obsessed with.  The show is Mission: Centauri, essentially Star Trek meets Apocalypse Now, following the exploits of intrepid explorers stuck on a slog through the galactic backcountry.

…and there’s a punchline.

The image prompt was this:

Art by the late Virgil Finlay

Art by the late Virgil Finlay

Here’s my story.  Imagine it read in Adrian Pasdar’s voice.

Mission: Centauri
Table at the Center of Forever (S106)

Space. It was once humanity’s dream, but the dream became a nightmare when the Spardians made landfall on Earth. They crossed unimaginable distances to wage war on our way of life, and now we must fight back.

These are the coded mission logs of the SB-550 Barracuda, a United Earth Navy gunboat tasked with patrolling deep behind enemy lines. We will probe the expansive wilderness of the Spardian Empire in search of a weakness, with one simple imperative to guide us: Win this war at all costs.

If we don’t, there won’t be any home to come back to.

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Earthian: Chapter 04 — Determination

Earthian Title Card

Time for another challenge! What’s Jason going to compete in today?

If you’re just catching up on Earthian, you can find all previous chapters right here at the Oktopod Blog!


It’s an hour past sunrise. The horizon is the color of an unripe lemon, with thin clouds like snakes sitting low above it and basking in the coming light. I’m out on the sidewalk, jogging calmly toward my next challenge.

I feel good. I’m wearing a track-suit, my five-toed running shoes, some knuckle gloves, and an orange knit cap. I like my black one better, but I’d look a bit too much like I’m out snatching purses at this hour.

I’m dressed for free running. No one ever knows what challenge is coming, so you have to decide… either get ready for all of them, or just the one you really want. Continue reading

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Earthian: Chapter 03 — Climb

Earthian Title Card

It’s Monday, so it must be time for the craze that’s sweeping the nation.  If you’re just joining us, you can find previous chapters of Earthian right here at the Oktopod Blog.


It’s shocking how these things catch on. One day, I hadn’t even heard of Audition, and the next, I was passing people on the street heading to their next challenge. It was everywhere, and that alone was kind of amazing. People doing what they love, competing for nothing but bragging rights, and steadily getting better.

Competition was fierce and I was deep inside its jaws. School was out for summer and my delivery job was only some afternoons, so I had buckets of time to waste. Somehow, the game never felt like a waste, though. Not even while skipping stones.

Not that I spent a lot of time skipping stones.

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