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Long Fall, Free to Download

Keeping the promotion train a-rollin’, Biotech Legacy: Long Fall is currently available for free through the Kindle store! As with last week’s promotion, this is running today and tomorrow, after which it’ll pop back up to its normal price ($4.99).


Four years have passed since mankind fell, and the Earth has evolved. Powered by living technology, human and Oikeyan nations now war for control on the surface, while the ancient starship Legacy and her human commander, Marcus Donovan, wait in orbit for a chance to create a more lasting peace.

But all of that changes when search & rescue specialist Jack Hernandez uncovers something dangerous hidden in the jungles of Mexico.

Now the race is on to control the artifact. Driven by fanatical ideologies and an insatiable hunger for victory, each side will unleash soldiers with power beyond reason in their bid to control the Earth.

But is any creature incorruptible enough to wield the power of a god?

Grab a copy. Tell a friend. Further my wicked plan for world domination!


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Free Promotion — Stars Rain Down, Sept. 12th

Starting at midnight tonight, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down will be available for free through Amazon all day tomorrow, September 12th. As always, the book carries a Creative Commons license, meaning you’re free to share copies with friends, and even remix, rewrite, or write fan-fiction if the spirit moves you. Check it out!

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Sale — Stars Rain Down for Nada

Starting at midnight, Stars Rain Down will be free on Amazon. The sale goes on for 24 hours, and all download copies are (as always) Creative Commons licensed, meaning you can share without guilt.

Grab a copy. Tell a friend.

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Free Promotion — Stars Rain Down

That’s right! Stars Rain Down is once again free through the Amazon Kindle store! You have until 11:59PM PDT tonight, Tuesday the 24th to grab a copy. When will it come up for sale again? I’m aiming to be a bit more cunning with these promotions, and will be hosting a free day every three weeks, so if you miss this one, you only have to wait until half-way through May. If you miss that one, you could always pester someone who already has a copy. 🙂

Download a copy! Tell a friend! Eat something delicious and take a nap!

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