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Biotech Legacy FREE This Weekend

Both novels in the Biotech Legacy series are free to download on the Amazon Kindle this weekend! Yes, that’s right… you can have both Stars Rain Down and Long Fall for the low, low price of nothing at all— that’s an $8 value!

Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down coverLFCover_20131202_500px

Biotech Legacy is a deep, emotional, and action-packed series about humanity’s secret history and destiny in the universe. The first book, Stars Rain Down, recounts the invasion of Earth by a strange coalition of alien races, and follows the exploits of Jack Hernandez, a first-responder turned guerrilla, and Marcus Donovan, an astronomer who rises up to command the new human fleet. The second book, Long Fall, jumps forward 3 years into a time when fledgling human and alien nations vie for control of the planet. Faced with extinction, mankind must evolve to survive.

What are you waiting for? Go! Download! Read! Review!


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Hugh Howey Fanfiction Contest — Read Colony Collapse!

Friends, Romans, and countrymen! Lend me your ears!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m competing in The Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition, which has a $5,000 grand prize, and my entry is finally ready!



Jessa is technically 24 years old, but she was born just two weeks ago, a genetically engineered colonist living on the galaxy’s distant and dangerous frontier. Trained as a Logic Engineer, she’s responsible for maintaining computers across the colony, but the latest software bug may be more than it seems… and her efforts to fix it will determine the future of her entire world.

Thanks to Booktrack’s very cool tech, the full story has a soundtrack designed, edited, and most likely horribly mangled by yours truly… so hop on over, give the story a read, and maybe give me your vote if you’re feeling generous!


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Free Promotion — Stars Rain Down, Sept. 12th

Starting at midnight tonight, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down will be available for free through Amazon all day tomorrow, September 12th. As always, the book carries a Creative Commons license, meaning you’re free to share copies with friends, and even remix, rewrite, or write fan-fiction if the spirit moves you. Check it out!

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Oktopod: The Fanfiction Connection

Good morning, everyone. Last time, I mentioned some upcoming developments for Oktopod, and I think it’s time to unveil the first part of my evil plan. It all starts (as so many things in my life do) with me staring at a blank screen in frustration…

While wrestling with the idea of releasing the background notes for Biotech Legacy: Long Fall, I began to ask myself why I’d want to do such a weird, counter-intuitive, and potentially embarrassing (read: stupid) thing. Part of the answer ties back to the release of the very first Vengar story in 2010, and the decision I made to put the story out using a Creative Commons license. I chose to share because I wanted to see what community involvement might accomplish.

Three years later, it turns out it didn’t accomplish much. I thought it was a bold and interesting move… and I was apparently alone in that.

What was I hoping to see?

In short: Fanfiction.

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Sale Time Again!

All of my currently released work is once again available for free over at Amazon, and will be available until midnight tonight. Head on over and download some books already. 😉

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Free Promotion — (nearly) Everything Must Go!

It’s that time again, true believers. Starting around 12:00am PDT, it’s another big sale here at Oktopod Digital Press! Stars Rain Down, The Salvaged Sword of Vengar, & both episodes of Arcana Universalis will be available for the bargain price of abso-bloody-lutely nada, so hop on over to my author page at Amazon, grab some books, and read until your eyeballs explode! And remember: it’s all CC licensed, so give a copy to a friend when you’re done. 🙂



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Free Promotion — Stars Rain Down

That’s right! Stars Rain Down is once again free through the Amazon Kindle store! You have until 11:59PM PDT tonight, Tuesday the 24th to grab a copy. When will it come up for sale again? I’m aiming to be a bit more cunning with these promotions, and will be hosting a free day every three weeks, so if you miss this one, you only have to wait until half-way through May. If you miss that one, you could always pester someone who already has a copy. 🙂

Download a copy! Tell a friend! Eat something delicious and take a nap!

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