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Stars Rain Down, Free Promotion Update!

With 13.5 hours left in the promotion, Stars Rain Down has been downloaded just over 1400 times! The book is currently #2 in free Space Opera, Space Exploration, and Alien Invasion, and #10 in free Science-Fiction!

Color me jazzed! By my best estimates, we should close out with somewhere around 2,500 copies total, which is simply tremendous for a book that’s sold less than 10 copies in the past year.

There’s still time to grab yours, of course! In fact, there are exactly 13 hours and 24 minutes, so head on over to Amazon and get clicking!

Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down cover


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Release Announcement: Stars Rain Down is Out!

We here at Oktopod Digital Press are proud to announce the release of our first full-length novel, Chris J. Randolph’s Stars Rain Down.

Stars Rain Down

Sometimes, it takes a crisis to figure out who you really are.

In the near future, an irreverent astronomer named Marcus Donovan discovers a strange relic hidden beyond Mars, and he commandeers an exploratory vessel under false pretenses to investigate.

While Marcus and his crew venture off into the unknown, a mysterious alien legion appears in Earth orbit and invades. Human civilization is dashed apart in the blink of an eye, and Jack Hernandez, a search and rescue specialist, is one of the lucky few survivors. Along with a handful of friends, Jack joins the scattered resistance and wages a desperate terrorist war against the aliens, striking back any way they can.

In the bloody struggle to reclaim their planet, Jack and Marcus are each thrust into roles they never could have imagined, in a conflict as old as time. The fight takes them from China to Africa, and from Earth to Mars, while the secrets they uncover shake their understanding of humanity itself.

Stars Rain Down is about the horrors of warfare, and what happens when idealism collides with a savage fight for survival. Dominated by an enemy who shows neither compassion nor regret, the last remnants of mankind discover that every choice leads to unforeseen consequences, and mercy can triumph even in the face of mortal rage.

Looking to start reading right now? Stars Rain Down is now available everywhere in a variety of formats.

Download Links:

Update: Stars Rain Down is currently an Amazon Exclusive!

Other options will return in April. Thank you for your patience.

Also available in print.

I doubt there’s anything left to say that I haven’t already said in the past month. Thank you so much for following us here at Oktopod, and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. There are great things yet to come around these parts, so stick around. It’s gonna be an exciting ride.

~Chris J. Randolph


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