Biotech Legacy Series


Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?

Marcus Donovan is an astronomer, daydreamer, and smart ass. He used to be just another researcher in a jumpsuit until he saw something that didn’t fit, an asteroid in our solar system that wasn’t an asteroid, and now he’s off on a mission to investigate in person.

Meanwhile, seven massive discs appear in orbit around the Earth and rain fire from the heavens. The world is broken and conquered before anyone even realizes it’s an attack.

On the ground is Jack Hernandez, a rescue specialist and everyday hero with a knack for getting in trouble. After crashing in the wasted ruins of China, he links up with the scattered resistance and begins to fight back, driven to do whatever it takes to protect human lives.

Neither Jack nor Marcus ever could have predicted it, but mankind’s future now depends on them both, and they’ll each face challenges beyond imagination in a war older than time.

Biotech Legacy: Long Fall (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

Faced with horrors from the depths of space, mankind must weaponize itself to survive.

Four years have passed since human civilization fell, and life on Earth has evolved at a startling pace. Powered by living technology, human and alien nations now vie for control of the surface, while Marcus Donovan and the ancient starship Legacy wait and watch from orbit.

When first responder Jack Hernandez uncovers something dangerous in the jungles of Mexico, the world’s fragile peace finally shatters.  Four fledgling nations race in to take control of the artifact’s strange power, and all-out war can’t be far behind.

Driven by fanatical ideologies and a bottomless thirst for victory, each side will unleash soldiers with strength beyond reason. But is any soul pure enough to be trusted with the power of a god?

Vengar the Barbarian

The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer, and His Lover (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

Welcome to the Hyperbolic Age, a prehistoric era when men were mighty, women were buxom, and neither could be trusted in the dark. Into this melodramatic yet somehow lost epoch strides a mighty figure, a king cursed to never again remember his homeland who wanders the thousand and one kingdoms in search of what he’s lost. His name is Vengar, and he’s a barbarian.

The Salvaged Sword of Vengar (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

The Savage Sword of Vengar

Welcome back to the Hyperbolic Age, a time that time forgot, when men were drunk, women were unhappy, and goat was the other white meat. On a quest to recover his stolen property, Vengar the Barbarian arrives in the northern lands of Sunderia, a harsh and unforgiving region that sees little tourism. There, he enlists the aid of a mysterious rogue and then charges off to confront the monstrous warlord who holds what he once held dear.

Can Vengar overcome the warlord and his Glum Horde? Will his mysterious new ally stab him in the back? And what the heck is with the goat milk, anyway?

Currently available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle.

Arcana Universalis

Terminus (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

Welcome to the world of Arcana Universalis, a strange universe filled with fabled creatures, vile demons, and starships driven by mystical energies. Lost in the middle of it all is Caleb Gedley, a neurotic young apprentice stationed aboard the Imperial Dragonslayer Ashkalon, whose fate will be weirder and more exciting than he ever could have dreamed.

Danse Macabre (Currently available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle Store)

Caleb’s plans have stumbled off course. After a disastrous mission on an uncharted planet, he awakens back on the ship only to find his entire world turned upside down. His externship has become outright slavery, and everything he knows about the Imperium is suddenly called into question. Can he somehow come to grips with this new order? Will he ever find his way back home?

The Ghost, the Girl, and the Gun
by Ted Boone


Casper O’Neal is a private investigator. He’s good at his job: his clients respect him, his targets despise him, and nobody particularly likes him. But when he wakes up in his office with a throbbing headache, a smoking gun in his hand, and a dead body on the floor, Casper realizes he’s about to represent his toughest client yet: himself.



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