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Biotech Legacy FREE This Weekend

Both novels in the Biotech Legacy series are free to download on the Amazon Kindle this weekend! Yes, that’s right… you can have both Stars Rain Down and Long Fall for the low, low price of nothing at all— that’s an $8 value!

Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down coverLFCover_20131202_500px

Biotech Legacy is a deep, emotional, and action-packed series about humanity’s secret history and destiny in the universe. The first book, Stars Rain Down, recounts the invasion of Earth by a strange coalition of alien races, and follows the exploits of Jack Hernandez, a first-responder turned guerrilla, and Marcus Donovan, an astronomer who rises up to command the new human fleet. The second book, Long Fall, jumps forward 3 years into a time when fledgling human and alien nations vie for control of the planet. Faced with extinction, mankind must evolve to survive.

What are you waiting for? Go! Download! Read! Review!


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Stars Rain Down, Free Promotion Update!

With 13.5 hours left in the promotion, Stars Rain Down has been downloaded just over 1400 times! The book is currently #2 in free Space Opera, Space Exploration, and Alien Invasion, and #10 in free Science-Fiction!

Color me jazzed! By my best estimates, we should close out with somewhere around 2,500 copies total, which is simply tremendous for a book that’s sold less than 10 copies in the past year.

There’s still time to grab yours, of course! In fact, there are exactly 13 hours and 24 minutes, so head on over to Amazon and get clicking!

Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down cover

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Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down is FREE Today and Tomorrow!


Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down coverThe sale is live! Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down is currently free in the Amazon Kindle Store, so boogie on down and grab a copy! Every download helps feed starving children in Africa! Wait! That’s not true! But every download actually does help me climb higher in the ratings, making sure an even bigger audience gets a chance to find and read this excellent book!

That’s a lot of exclamation points. I’m kind of out of breath here… huff, puff, gasp

So, what’s it all about then?

When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?

Marcus Donovan is an astronomer, daydreamer, and smart ass. He used to be just another researcher in a jumpsuit until he saw something that didn’t fit, an asteroid in our solar system that wasn’t an asteroid, and now he’s off on a mission to investigate in person.

Meanwhile, seven massive discs appear in orbit around the Earth and rain fire from the heavens. The world is broken and conquered before anyone even realizes it’s an attack.

On the ground is Jack Hernandez, a rescue specialist and everyday hero with a knack for getting in trouble. After crashing in the wasted ruins of China, he links up with the scattered resistance and begins to fight back, driven to do whatever it takes to protect human lives.

Neither Jack nor Marcus ever could have predicted it, but mankind’s future now depends on them both, and they’ll each face challenges beyond imagination in a war older than time.

Sounds awesome, right?

What are you waiting for?! Click this link and get your copy right now! Time is running out!

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Long Fall — Chapter 52 / The End!

And here we are finally at the end this strange journey, after nearly 5 months adventuring together through the wilds. This is Chapter 52: Exodus.

If, for some strange reason, you’d like to read the rest of the book first, you can find the entirety of Biotech Legacy: Long Fall right here at the Oktopod Blog.

If you haven’t read the previous novel, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down, it’s currently available exclusively through Amazon, but will be in other stores soon.

Get ready to say your goodbyes…

Chapter 52

Two stars burned out in the cold dark. They were far enough apart that Amira Saladin nearly made a figure-T while pointing at both simultaneously.

The feeling of being in an entirely different solar system was overwhelming. This was a childhood dream she’d discarded as she grew older and cynical, now suddenly brought to life in the worst possible circumstances.

Her eyes grew wet as she sat down, then she lightly gripped her knees and decided to just watch for a bit. There was even the first phantom stirring of feeling safe, but she stamped that out before it ever had a chance.

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Long Fall — Chapter 18

Wow, looks like I got the post’s title right this time… High-five!

Tonight’s entry continues our exploration of alien culture and technology in the Biotech Legacy world. I really enjoyed working on this one, and I hope that comes through in the text.

If you’re just joining Biotech Legacy: Long Fall, you can find all of the preceding chapters right here at the Oktopod Blog.

The previous novel, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down, is currently available exclusively through Amazon.

Alrighty, let’s get on with the freaky alien stuff already!

Chapter 18
The Dagger Path

Zelliar and the city were one. His will was strong and razor sharp, a weapon of endless light forged in the heat of conflict, and it pierced every shadowed corner of Talis Aum-Samaraya. The great and honored Yuon Kwon obeyed him eagerly, and thrilled at the touch of his indomitable soul.

They felt their war machine toil away within them, breeding, moulting, becoming. Each new day greeted another generation of fighting stock, and each night saw them sorted and digested to feed the next. That was the Yuon Kwon’s noble sacrifice, to feed themselves to the machine again and again in pursuit of perfection. The Nefrem had forced the Oikeya to sculpt themselves into monsters, and the sculpture was nearly complete.

We adapt, he and Talis thought together, and we will survive this transformation. We will survive even this fresh betrayal.

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Sale — Stars Rain Down for Nada

Starting at midnight, Stars Rain Down will be free on Amazon. The sale goes on for 24 hours, and all download copies are (as always) Creative Commons licensed, meaning you can share without guilt.

Grab a copy. Tell a friend.

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I Might Frame This…

Tonight’s best sellers in Space Opera for Amazon’s Kindle store.


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