Odds Without Ends

During the past ten or so years, I’ve built up a rather tidy collection of half-written stories which never quite reached the finish line for one reason or another. Rather than allowing them to sit on my hard-drive unseen, I thought it might be fun to start posting theme here at the Oktopod blog. These are generally things I’d still like to finish someday and if they garner any significant interest, I may just be convinced to move them up my production slate.

Note: Unlike the other content here at the Oktopod blog, the works displayed in Odds Without Ends have all their rights reserved. These are not Creative Commons pieces (yet), so they are currently for looking and not touching.

World of 7 Songs

The comical tale of a young musician who gets caught up with a strange and dangerous group of rogues.

I Vanish

Dark and grim story of a private detective whose life is destroyed by an event beyond his understanding which leaves him disappearing without rhyme or reason.


A forest elf with a mysterious past gets caught up in the fight between frontiersmen and the powerful dragon who wishes to destroy them.


Set in a dystopian city, Avarice is the story of a desperate man looking after his sick daughter. In order to secure her safety, he goes back to work for the omnipotent corporation that runs his world, and finds himself squaring off against the biotech-powered gangs who dominate the streets.


2 responses to “Odds Without Ends

  1. I will come back to this category. I have lots of unfinished stories in a draft folder too… yes why not let them out and breathe a little? I find the idea intriguing.


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