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Chasing Two Rabbits

Success as a writer on the left, digital publishing revolution on the right.

Couldn’t even catch these cute, fat little bastards.

They say that if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither, and my recent experience has borne that out. I wanted to not only be successful as a storyteller, but also simultaneously build a revolutionary foundation for the future of publishing… and I’ve so far succeeded in neither. Thus, after much soul-searching and careful consideration, I’ve decided to (at least temporarily) put Oktopod Digital Press to rest in order to focus on building my personal platform as a writer.

I have some exciting news and a fresh project that’s nearly ready to show, but Oktopod won’t be part of the equation going forward. I’m consolidating my efforts into social media, and you’ll be able to follow my further adventures on Facebook and Twitter, where I’ll be sharing updates, insights, and my usual sarcastic self.

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And/or here for Twitter.

I want to personally thank you all for following this clumsy and stumbling enterprise. There have been ups and downs, and looooong stretches of nothing-much-at-all in between, but I just want you to know that I appreciate every second you’ve spent reading my rambling diatribes, and (even more so) traveling through strange realms of the imagination with me. I promise there will be more to come… much, much, more…. just not in this form.

Thank you so much for accompanying me through the past six years of prologue. The real story is just about to begin.




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Sale Time Again!

All of my currently released work is once again available for free over at Amazon, and will be available until midnight tonight. Head on over and download some books already. 😉

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First Sale of the Year!

After a bit of oddness and waiting with Amazon, I’m happy to announce that we’re (read: I’m) having our first sale of the year. What exactly is available? Absolutely stonking everything, thanks for asking.

Head on over to my author page at Amazon, and you should find five titles all free for the taking. If you don’t find that, either I’ve broken the hyperlink or Amazon is having some kind of problem. Both have been known to happen.

Be sure to tell your sister, tell your friends, and tell that weird guy at the gas station who always stares at your kneecaps with lusty eyes. Of course, this sale can’t come at a better time, as my sales have been slowly circling the toilet since the start of the year. With a little luck, this will make me a little more visible again.

Stars Rain Down will also be dropping back down to it’s earlier, more sane price once the sale is over. While I’ve got you here, I’d like to take a moment to thank the kind soul who bought a copy for 10 bones. Thank you! If I ever run into you on the street, I’ll buy you a beer. One that’s worth less than $7 (my inner businessman informs me), but a beer nonetheless.

Also, I’ll be launching a new running column called Odds Without Ends right here at the Oktopod Blog. That should be starting around Wednesday of next week, so stay tuned!

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

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Free Promotion — (nearly) Everything Must Go!

It’s that time again, true believers. Starting around 12:00am PDT, it’s another big sale here at Oktopod Digital Press! Stars Rain Down, The Salvaged Sword of Vengar, & both episodes of Arcana Universalis will be available for the bargain price of abso-bloody-lutely nada, so hop on over to my author page at Amazon, grab some books, and read until your eyeballs explode! And remember: it’s all CC licensed, so give a copy to a friend when you’re done. 🙂



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Mission: Accomplished

The sale is now officially over and I’m gonna go ahead and call this mighty darn successful. As you may remember from last month, my first free promotion moved just over 1,800 copies of Stars Rain Down over the course of 4 days. In comparison, this one day sale moved 1,545 copies of SRD, plus another 876 copies of Arcana Universalis: Terminus, and 734 copies of The Salvaged Sword of Vengar. That’s a grand total of 3,125 books given away! I’m stunned.

If that weren’t enough, the original Vengar story–which has been in a state of suspended animation since time immemorial–actually sold a hundred copies yesterday, and managed to hang-out comfortably at the #1 spot in Fantasy Anthologies… for some reason I can’t quite fathom. Oh Amazon, what funny monkeys you are sometimes.

So, that’s just about that. The price on Stars Rain Down will be dropping back down to something more reasonable later today (I raised it during the free promotion as a [slightly underhanded] sales gimmick), and life should return to normal-ish. Stars is all out of free days, and the other two are short works which don’t move all that well on their own, so there probably won’t be any more of this excitement until late April.

As for the impact on sales, I’m still waiting to see.

A big thanks to the kind folks over at deals.woot who were gracious enough to vote up my little promotion, and were no doubt responsible for >95% of my traffic. Y’all should be cautious, though; if word gets out that you’re okay with writers doing self-promotion, you’ll soon be awash in a flood of bozos like me. 😉

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They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!

Over at the Amazon Kindle Store, I’m burning up the last day of Free Promotion for Stars Rain Down, and I’ve made The Salvaged Sword of Vengar and Arcana Universalis: Terminus free today as well. If you’re missing copies of any of the above, I should be swatting you in the nose with a newspaper… oh, and you should totally hop on over and grab one!

As always, these releases are Creative Commons licensed, meaning you’re free to read, enjoy, and pass them along to friends. I think it’s a pretty generous deal, if I do say so myself. And I do. That felt oddly recursive.

Oh, and if you happen to be a Woot user, could I possibly ask you to vote up my listing? I’d be forever in your debt… for approximately one click at the time and place of your choosing. My generosity truly knows no bounds.

In tangentially related news, the second part of Arcana Universalis is (finally!) done, and is currently in editing. I also need to design a cover, but I don’t anticipate either taking very long, so be on the look-out for a release next week! Exciting times, aren’t they?

Well, I think so, so nyah-nyah. :p

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Release Announcement — The Salvaged Sword of Vengar

Greetings, all you wonderful people out there!

Tonight, I’m very pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new chapter in the adventures of Vengar the Barbarian… The Salvaged Sword of Vengar!

The Savage Sword of Vengar

Click on to learn more…

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