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Long Fall, Free to Download

Keeping the promotion train a-rollin’, Biotech Legacy: Long Fall is currently available for free through the Kindle store! As with last week’s promotion, this is running today and tomorrow, after which it’ll pop back up to its normal price ($4.99).


Four years have passed since mankind fell, and the Earth has evolved. Powered by living technology, human and Oikeyan nations now war for control on the surface, while the ancient starship Legacy and her human commander, Marcus Donovan, wait in orbit for a chance to create a more lasting peace.

But all of that changes when search & rescue specialist Jack Hernandez uncovers something dangerous hidden in the jungles of Mexico.

Now the race is on to control the artifact. Driven by fanatical ideologies and an insatiable hunger for victory, each side will unleash soldiers with power beyond reason in their bid to control the Earth.

But is any creature incorruptible enough to wield the power of a god?

Grab a copy. Tell a friend. Further my wicked plan for world domination!


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Free Promotion — Stars Rain Down, Sept. 12th

Starting at midnight tonight, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down will be available for free through Amazon all day tomorrow, September 12th. As always, the book carries a Creative Commons license, meaning you’re free to share copies with friends, and even remix, rewrite, or write fan-fiction if the spirit moves you. Check it out!

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Mission: Accomplished

The sale is now officially over and I’m gonna go ahead and call this mighty darn successful. As you may remember from last month, my first free promotion moved just over 1,800 copies of Stars Rain Down over the course of 4 days. In comparison, this one day sale moved 1,545 copies of SRD, plus another 876 copies of Arcana Universalis: Terminus, and 734 copies of The Salvaged Sword of Vengar. That’s a grand total of 3,125 books given away! I’m stunned.

If that weren’t enough, the original Vengar story–which has been in a state of suspended animation since time immemorial–actually sold a hundred copies yesterday, and managed to hang-out comfortably at the #1 spot in Fantasy Anthologies… for some reason I can’t quite fathom. Oh Amazon, what funny monkeys you are sometimes.

So, that’s just about that. The price on Stars Rain Down will be dropping back down to something more reasonable later today (I raised it during the free promotion as a [slightly underhanded] sales gimmick), and life should return to normal-ish. Stars is all out of free days, and the other two are short works which don’t move all that well on their own, so there probably won’t be any more of this excitement until late April.

As for the impact on sales, I’m still waiting to see.

A big thanks to the kind folks over at deals.woot who were gracious enough to vote up my little promotion, and were no doubt responsible for >95% of my traffic. Y’all should be cautious, though; if word gets out that you’re okay with writers doing self-promotion, you’ll soon be awash in a flood of bozos like me. 😉

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And That Concludes Our Fire Sale

With just over 1,800 copies of Stars Rain Down released into the wild, our brief free promotion comes to an end. The experiment seems fairly successful, though I suppose it could’ve been better (I mean, I’ve heard of some books moving more than 14,000 copies in 2 days), but it ranked well among Science-Fiction during the entire run, and there are now nearly 2,000 more people who’ve heard of me.

I didn’t keep particularly rigorous records of the downloads, but I can say the traffic defied my expectations (as it always seems to do). There were roughly 900 downloads on the first day (Thursday), and roughly 300 each day afterward. I’d be tempted to assume the initial spike was because the book was fresh to the list, and thus more interesting to new readers, but it actually climbed in the charts for the next two days which would seem to indicate that traffic overall had decreased after Thursday. Strange. It’s some interesting data to puzzle over.

Anyway, Stars is now back on sale… like, for money, and stuff… and I’ll be eagerly watching to see what effect this promotion had. With any luck, some of those 1,800 people will actually read the book, like it, and maybe even tell a friend or two. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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