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New Story — They’re Harvesting Stars, You Know?

Photograph by Axel Antas. A thematic image, borrowed from the collection at StockSnap.io

Photograph by Axel Antas. A thematic image, borrowed from the collection at StockSnap.io

I wrote a piece of flash fiction over the weekend called They’re Harvesting Stars, You Know?, which I’ve just posted in a couple places. I usually work in science-fiction & fantasy, but this is a step or two outside of my comfort zone, falling instead into magical realism. It’s all of 900 words (or 4 minutes by Medium’s estimation), and I’d be tickled pink of you’d hop over and give it a read.

You can find the piece at Medium.com;

Or with an ambient soundtrack at Booktrack.

Cheers, and I hope you enjoy!



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New Scary Story — The Witching Light

Halloween is the best holiday, isn’t it? Costumes, candy, hiding dead bodies in stranger’s houses… wait… please disregard that last part.

Anyway, I wrote (and soundtracked) a piece for Booktrack’s Spooky Flash Fiction contest, and wanted to share it with you fine folks.  It’s called The Witching Light, and you can find it by clicking on the spoooOOOoooky cover below!


Happy Halloween, everyone!


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Short Story — Bodies in Revolution

Surprise update!  I put together a story for a writing prompt at io9 the other night, and thought I’d share.  The prompt was a concept painting by an artist named YONG, whose work can be found at his personal gallery.  This is the image:

Stone Hand, by YONG

And now my piece inspired by it, called…

Bodies in Revolution


They left it here to remind us.

A monstrous hand arcs up and over me, an oppressive monument built of soil and stone, conjured from the ground using technology beyond our understanding. We call it a Grip of Five, and it’s the standing embodiment of their raw power; their unsullied hatred; and most of all, their absolute dominion over our civilization.

When they tossed us aside, the invaders left the hand and a thousand replicas scattered across our world, a promise and a threat undying, an inescapable reminder of who precisely is at our throats. That hand makes sure we can never forget one simple fact: that all we are, and whatever meager belongings we may cling to… all of it belongs to them.

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Short Story — Tranquility

"Child of the Moon" by Vlad Konstantinov

“Child of the Moon” by Vlad Konstantinov

Last night, I ran across a story prompt on Google+ which asked for 500-word shorts inspired by the image above (Child of the Moon by the very talented Vlad Konstantinov). I thought it was a wonderful picture, so I sat down to see what I could come up with, and now I’m sharing it with you! 😀


It’s nearing sunset and the Earth is shining bright. She fills the sky, a swirling ball of blue and green and white like a flower blossoming in the sunlight. And I wonder, not for the first time, what it was like when my parents looked up here at the Moon.

What did my home look like to them, and how bleak a sight must it have been? It was a dead piece of chalk back then. Barren. A warning rather than an invitation… until it became a necessity.

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Announcement: Out in the Styx

Sorry about the lateness. I really meant to cover this during the weekend, but between housework and repeatedly taking my small black cat to the vet, I just didn’t make it. But we’re here now, and that’s what matters, right?

So, what is this very special announcement exactly? I’ve decided to release a self-contained excerpt from Biotech Legacy: Long Fall to help drum up interest while I continue to hammer away on the finished product. I’d considered doing something similar with Stars Rain Down but the pieces I wanted to stitch together just weren’t meaty enough for their own release. Thanks to a bit of forethought, things worked out markedly better this time

Starting Thursday, you’ll be able to download Out in the Styx — A Biotech Legacy Adventure! free of charge right here at the Oktopod Blog. The short tale, comprised of chapters 9, 21, 28, & 29 from Biotech Legacy: Long Fall, will also go up a little while later on Amazon for the wallet-destroying price of $0.99. As a thank you, those who purchase through Amazon will also receive a special gift, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet. I promise that it’ll be more special than a pat on the back, and significantly less special than a diamond ring. To find out more, you’ll have to buy a copy… or else wait until I’m downtrodden about the slow sales and just blab it anyway. 😉

That’s all I’ve got for right now. Go ahead and stretch your downloading finger in preparation, and I’ll see you back here in two days!

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Webfiction: Elsewhere Bound

Greetings, and a thousand apologies for the recent silence. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes around here, and posts have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I assure you that this is only a temporary condition, though, and regular posting will soon return.

In the meantime, here’s another webfiction short presented for your momentary amusement. I’d originally intended for this story to be the start of a collection called Maximilian Bonaventure and the Travels on Foot, full of magical realism tales about the modern American condition, but the project was always pushed aside by more pressing matter. I still suspect I’ll finish it one day, though.

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