What Is Oktopod?

Founded in 2010, Oktopod is a (still gestating) self-publishing platform aiming to connect readers and writers in new and exciting ways. We believe it’s possible for more unique voices to not only be heard, but to also earn a living from their hard work and dedication.

Really? How?

In the world of ebooks, readers currently have trouble finding what they want, while new writers struggle to get their books seen (let alone read). That looks suspiciously like just one problem, doesn’t it? At Oktopod, we intend to solve it by shifting the way we look at the ebook business. We don’t want to publish ebooks; we want to broadcast them. We want to beam your books out to the people, build your audience, and give you tools to make money.

We want that for you because it’s what we want for ourselves. We’re writers building our own platform, and we need your help.

How can I get involved?

Oktopod is a volunteer organization, and we’re beginning to look for new teammates. Are you a self-published author? Do you have skills that you’d like to apply toward the future of our industry? Of course you do… and you should join us.

Skills We’re Looking For:

  • Software Development (web, mobile)
  • Business Management
  • Law (intellectual property, contract drafting, tax)
  • Art & Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Whatever you’re great at…

If any of that sounds like you, send an email to Chris J. Randolph introducing yourself, describing your work, and discussing how you’d like to be involved. It’d probably also be a good idea to subscribe to the blog.

Who is Chris J. Randolph?

Just a portrait...Writer of high adventure, dark drama, and quirky comedy, set in vibrant worlds that bend the imagination. Proud self-publisher, nerd, video game enthusiast, and Mexican-American.

Originally fabricated in Silicon Valley before being shipped to Rocklin, CA. Now plugged into a general purpose terminal, burning clock-cycles on text and image manipulation.

Looking to reinvent how independent authors share their work, and broaden the marketplace by helping new readers find it.

We can turn the world into readers.

What’s With The Name Oktopod?

An octopus produces its own ink, just like we intend to. It’s also (unofficially) short for OK To Print On Demand.