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Long Fall, Free to Download

Keeping the promotion train a-rollin’, Biotech Legacy: Long Fall is currently available for free through the Kindle store! As with last week’s promotion, this is running today and tomorrow, after which it’ll pop back up to its normal price ($4.99).


Four years have passed since mankind fell, and the Earth has evolved. Powered by living technology, human and Oikeyan nations now war for control on the surface, while the ancient starship Legacy and her human commander, Marcus Donovan, wait in orbit for a chance to create a more lasting peace.

But all of that changes when search & rescue specialist Jack Hernandez uncovers something dangerous hidden in the jungles of Mexico.

Now the race is on to control the artifact. Driven by fanatical ideologies and an insatiable hunger for victory, each side will unleash soldiers with power beyond reason in their bid to control the Earth.

But is any creature incorruptible enough to wield the power of a god?

Grab a copy. Tell a friend. Further my wicked plan for world domination!


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Heads-up: Change in Ebook Availability

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m returning to Kindle Select, so in the next few days, both Biotech Legacy books will only be available through Amazon. I really dislike exclusivity, but my royalties are currently hovering around $3 for the month and something has to change. The upside is that I’ll be able to run free promotions through Amazon again, starting with a 2-day sale this Thursday and Friday! If you can help me boost at all, I’d appreciate it mucho!


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First Sale of the Year!

After a bit of oddness and waiting with Amazon, I’m happy to announce that we’re (read: I’m) having our first sale of the year. What exactly is available? Absolutely stonking everything, thanks for asking.

Head on over to my author page at Amazon, and you should find five titles all free for the taking. If you don’t find that, either I’ve broken the hyperlink or Amazon is having some kind of problem. Both have been known to happen.

Be sure to tell your sister, tell your friends, and tell that weird guy at the gas station who always stares at your kneecaps with lusty eyes. Of course, this sale can’t come at a better time, as my sales have been slowly circling the toilet since the start of the year. With a little luck, this will make me a little more visible again.

Stars Rain Down will also be dropping back down to it’s earlier, more sane price once the sale is over. While I’ve got you here, I’d like to take a moment to thank the kind soul who bought a copy for 10 bones. Thank you! If I ever run into you on the street, I’ll buy you a beer. One that’s worth less than $7 (my inner businessman informs me), but a beer nonetheless.

Also, I’ll be launching a new running column called Odds Without Ends right here at the Oktopod Blog. That should be starting around Wednesday of next week, so stay tuned!

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

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I Might Frame This…

Tonight’s best sellers in Space Opera for Amazon’s Kindle store.


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And That Concludes Our Fire Sale

With just over 1,800 copies of Stars Rain Down released into the wild, our brief free promotion comes to an end. The experiment seems fairly successful, though I suppose it could’ve been better (I mean, I’ve heard of some books moving more than 14,000 copies in 2 days), but it ranked well among Science-Fiction during the entire run, and there are now nearly 2,000 more people who’ve heard of me.

I didn’t keep particularly rigorous records of the downloads, but I can say the traffic defied my expectations (as it always seems to do). There were roughly 900 downloads on the first day (Thursday), and roughly 300 each day afterward. I’d be tempted to assume the initial spike was because the book was fresh to the list, and thus more interesting to new readers, but it actually climbed in the charts for the next two days which would seem to indicate that traffic overall had decreased after Thursday. Strange. It’s some interesting data to puzzle over.

Anyway, Stars is now back on sale… like, for money, and stuff… and I’ll be eagerly watching to see what effect this promotion had. With any luck, some of those 1,800 people will actually read the book, like it, and maybe even tell a friend or two. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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AU: Terminus Receives Its First Review!

A reader was kind enough to post their impressions of Arcana Universalis: Terminus the other night, much to my immense relief. The score? 4/5 stars! Here’s how it finishes:

An hour, or two at most, should be enough to get through Arcana Universalis: Terminus and will leave the reader anxious for the followup.

You can find the full review at Terminus’ Amazon page. Hustle up and get clicking. 😉

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News: New Kindle Due August 27th

Amazon announced the next Kindle model today and it’s smaller, cheaper, has twice the storage capacity, twice the battery life, and a higher-contrast screen. Here’s the skinny:

  • 6-inch E-Ink display
  • Wi-Fi and 3G ($189), Wi-Fi only ($139)
  • 21 percent smaller than previous Kindle
  • 15 percent lighter (8.7 ounces)
  • Like the new Kindle DX, screen offers 50 percent better contrast
  • 20 percent faster page turns, according to Amazon
  • 4GB built-in memory
  • Smaller page-turn buttons that are also quieter (clicking noise is nearly silent)
  • Up to four weeks of battery life from sealed-in battery (wireless turned off)

They’re also advertising a web-browser and improvements to its text-to-speech and PDF rendering… features I completely fail to care about, but I’m sure someone cares about them. You can find a more thorough write-up (which I thoroughly ripped off) over at cnet.

Color me impressed. I usually try to keep my gadget lust in check, but boy howdy do I want one. In fact, if the new Kindle had an open source software stack and user replaceable battery, I’d probably ask it to marry me.

Aw hell, I may just ask it anyway. I’ve got until August 27th to pick out the ring.

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