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Stars Rain Down Now On BitTorrent!

Joining the previous free options, Stars Rain Down can now be downloaded from the good folks at BitTorrent. It seems they’d like to be known as something more than a convenient way to pirate, so they’re now hosting and showcasing works released directly by their creators in their Bundles. Some of the available works are gated in a way that resembles early shareware software, meaning that only part is free while the rest requires a key to unlock (in trade for an email address right now, and possibly for pay later).

I skipped out on the email address, partly because I haven’t been directly email marketing anyway, but also because I just want to distribute as widely as possible. I have a good amount of faith that people who take a look at Stars will be hungry for more, so I consider every new pair of eyes a victory.

And remember, every download helps my ratings, drives me further up the list, and delivers the gift of pretty darned good science-fiction to more new people!

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