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Chasing Two Rabbits

Success as a writer on the left, digital publishing revolution on the right.

Couldn’t even catch these cute, fat little bastards.

They say that if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither, and my recent experience has borne that out. I wanted to not only be successful as a storyteller, but also simultaneously build a revolutionary foundation for the future of publishing… and I’ve so far succeeded in neither. Thus, after much soul-searching and careful consideration, I’ve decided to (at least temporarily) put Oktopod Digital Press to rest in order to focus on building my personal platform as a writer.

I have some exciting news and a fresh project that’s nearly ready to show, but Oktopod won’t be part of the equation going forward. I’m consolidating my efforts into social media, and you’ll be able to follow my further adventures on Facebook and Twitter, where I’ll be sharing updates, insights, and my usual sarcastic self.

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I want to personally thank you all for following this clumsy and stumbling enterprise. There have been ups and downs, and looooong stretches of nothing-much-at-all in between, but I just want you to know that I appreciate every second you’ve spent reading my rambling diatribes, and (even more so) traveling through strange realms of the imagination with me. I promise there will be more to come… much, much, more…. just not in this form.

Thank you so much for accompanying me through the past six years of prologue. The real story is just about to begin.




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Earthian — Chapter 16: Petite

After a truly depressing Monday, it’s now a brand new Tuesday, which means it’s time for another chapter in the ongoing saga that is…

Earthian Title Card


Today, our heroes take their first tentative steps into an entirely new world.

Let’s see how that goes.



This is the city of Boluzai on the planet Poloff Prime. It’s the heart and mind of the Star League, the absolute height of League civilization… and that height is around a hundred feet.

“Quietly,” Gar Barlybar says as we follow softly along behind him. “Don’t worry about traffic. It’ll take care of itself.”

As we step forward into the miniature city’s streets, Gar’s words prove true. The small and bulbous flying cars–a thousand varieties of trucks, sedans, station-wagons, vans–they all flow in a wide arc around us, going about their business like we’re not even there. It’s like we’re surrounded by an invisible bubble.

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Earthian — Chapter 15: Odyssey

The summer break is over, and it’s finally time for more amazing adventures in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.  It’s time for…

Earthian Title Card

Earthian! Today, our intrepid adventurers make landfall after the disastrous events of Chapter 14.

Alrighty… let’s get our footing.



There are five of us.

We’re standing on a paved circle while some kind of mist peels off our suits and crawls across the ground. The sky above is red, filled with lumpy pink clouds shaped like balloon animals.

This is Poloff Prime, an alien world somewhere in our galaxy. I’m told it’s the capital of the Star League, but to me, it’s the last place Michael Oxbow was seen.

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Crowds Cheer Passive Voice Article!

…well, that may be overstating matters a bit. Nevertheless, The Passive Voice: Its Darkest Secrets Revealed! was one of the few pieces tweeted by Medium’s editorial staff on Saturday, which brought in (by my standards) a metric buttload of traffic. I’m jazzed right now.

In other news, Earthian‘s summer break continues, and I’m so sorry for the delay.  I’m working on a few fast side-projects (articles and short stories) in order to attract a little attention for Earthian‘s returns… and maybe even win some prize money along the way.  I already have an entry ready for The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Monster contest, and I’m also gearing up to compete in The Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition. Hugh Howey’s contest has a $5,000 purse, and… wow. Just wow.  I’m probably going to need help with that one, and I hope I can count on you to lend me your vote!

As for Earthian, the season will be starting back up the first week of August with Chapter 15: Odyssey!


-dances awkwardly away-


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Earthian — Chapter 14: Nightfall

I’m afraid Tuesday came a little late this week.  Must be some kind of quirk in the space-time continuum.  Nevertheless, it’s time for more…

Earthian Title Card

Earthian!  Today, we’re blasting off into the second act with Chapter 14, whose name is (now) Nightfall.  If you’re just joining the program, you can catch up on old episodes right here at the Oktopod Blog.

Lift off in T-Minus 3, 2, 1…




Of all the strange things we saw and experienced during our time in space, this one name will haunt me forever. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time. It was just another weird thing Owijer said. A new toy. Another simuloid in an endless parade of them.

I didn’t know the danger the word represented… or the hidden truth it stood guard over. And because I had no idea, I didn’t care at all when the Aggressor-V exercise was cancelled. There were more important things to deal with all of a sudden. Continue reading


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Earthian Delay

Sorry the next chapter is so late!  Been working on the house a lot (we’re getting ready to sell), and it’s pushed my production schedule back a bit.  Chapter 14 should be up later today.

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Earthian — Chapter 13: M

It’s Thursday, so pull up a chair and prepare for another adventure-filled episode of…

Earthian Title Card

Earthian!  Today, we’re heading back to the surface of the Moon, so take a deep breath and get ready.

If you’re just joining the story, you can catch up right here at the Oktopod Blog.

Alright, let’s hop in…


“Come on… wake up, buddy.”

“Fghunlh,” I say (more or less).

Something’s poking me in the ribs. I’m wedged in a very uncomfortable place, and I just want to keep my eyes closed.

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