Stars Rain Down, Now With Sound!

In my continuing adventures with Booktrack, I’ve now also created a soundtrack for the first chapter of Stars Rain Down, which you can check out by following this link!




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2 responses to “Stars Rain Down, Now With Sound!

  1. John A. Bodden

    So, when are you going to finish this saga? You got me hooked on this story and I need my next fix. “Earthian” is OK but not in the same ballpark as the 25 million year old ship, Legacy. Do humans and the invaders finally get together or do we wipe them out? Does the android recover from his wounds or did he perish in the destruction of the nuclear powerplant? The only real thing I got from your story is that a bunch of softheaded Liberals finally learned what the Second Amendment is all about. It sure as hell is not about hunting. I am anxiously waiting for answers.

    • Hi John! I’m not exactly sure when the series will be finished, as I’m still plotting out the next entry. However, I think some of your questions are answered in the second book, Long Fall, which I released around this time last year. You can find links to download or buy it here.

      Thanks a bunch for reading, and I’m really glad you’re so excited! Cheers!


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