Earthian Digest, Vol. 3

Welcome to the third (semi)weekly Earthian Digest!  If you’ve missed anything, you can always catch up through this link.

Earthian Title Card

So, what did we cover in the past two weeks?  Four fresh new episodes of one teenager’s adventures in the oddity of space!

Earthian — Chapters 8, 9, 10, & 11:

Owijer gives his guests a glimpse behind Audition’s curtain, and Michael Oxbow is taken on an exciting ride.

Jason wakes up for his first real day on the Moon, then attends a less than informative presentation.

Three days in, training at Valiant Base just isn’t going like Jason expected.

The team has trained intensely for twelve days, and Owijer thinks they’re ready for a bigger responsibility.

Coming up next week…

Join me back here Tuesday night for Chapter 12: Luna, which introduces the single most important tool in a space adventurer’s arsenal… then the team takes theirs on tour.  That’ll be followed by Chapter 13: M on Thursday.




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