Earthian Digest, Vol. 1

Welcome to the first weekly Earthian Digest!

Earthian Title Card

Every Saturday from here on in, I’ll be looking back on the week’s releases in a handy, compact format. Let’s get started, shall we?

Earthian — The First Five Chapters

On a sunny day in May, Jason Yun sees something streaking through the sky. Aliens called the Seelio have arrived on Earth… and they’re adorable.

A year later, a new game called Audition begins to sweep the world, and Jason starts to play.

As Jason starts to climb Audition’s scoreboard, his best friend Wiley has some concerns.

In the race to first place, there’s only one person left in Jason’s way.

The truth about Audition comes out.

Also Available:

On a planet beyond sanity, two will sit at the Table of Concentricity when the flatulent truth comes to light.

Coming Up Next Week…

On Tuesday, I’ll be premiering Earthian, Chapter 05: Farther, which sees Jason taking a trip with a very special guest. See you then!


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