Review — Biotech Legacy: Long Fall

Found the following at Amazon this morning:

The concept of living machines is not new to Science Fiction, but Chris Randolph takes that concept to an entirely new level; imbuing his biotech with consciousness and will that nuts-n-bolts machines (outside of Science Fiction) would be unlikely to possess. This makes them integral and fascinating characters in his tale.

Equally fascinating is the ease with which Humans and aliens alike augment their own physiologies with biotech “enhancements” and there are many instances of symbiotic relationships which he artfully weaves into the rich fabric of his work. I’m a huge Greg Bear fan, as much for his fully-fleshed characters and solid storytelling as for his stretching of the boundaries of imagination. Chris Randolph has that same gift. As wild a ride as ‘Long Fall’ and it’s prequel ‘Stars Rain Down’ might be, he makes you CARE about the characters in his stories. You feel their joy and their pain in equal measure.

Looking forward to the next book in this series.

That review was courtesy of Brad Gould, who accompanied his review with five of those little gold star thingies.

That’s a mighty nice way to start off the morning.


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