Biotech Legacy: Long Fall — Notes!

About damn time, right?

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve been promising to release all of the background notes for Biotech Legacy: Long Fall since (I think) before I put out the first chapter. Well, today’s the day it happens.

I’m putting these out in the public for two reasons: the first is so that obsessive fans like myself can have fun digging through the background info, and the second is in order to (hopefully) foster fanfiction, as discussed in my last post.

What’s available is super-duper-double-extra-spoiler material. Inside, you will discover the entire plot of this book, and secrets meant to remain hidden until even later in the series. Even the technology file has spoilers. All bets are off beyond this line, and I will not be held responsible for any resulting injuries. You have been warned.

What’s available today?

  • LongFall_Characters.txt — A dry list of notable characters appearing in the novel.
  • LongFall_Foundation.txt — This is the big one. Looking at even one sentence of this will burn the eyes from your head.
  • LongFall_Outline-ish.txt — It’s like an outline… but is often incorrect. Plans change. We adapt.
  • LongFall_Scrachpad.txt — Text that was inside of the novel, but is now outside of the novel.
  • LongFall_Technology.txt — Descriptions of important weapons and tools in the Biotech Legacy universe.
  • newtype_brainstorm.txt — The original notes for this book, started back in 2009. NewType was the planned title for what is now Long Fall.

This time, I’ve put them up on Google Drive in order to make access a little easier. You can find them by clicking on this doohicky: Long Fall Sourcebooks

So there you have it. This is everything currently behind the book, except for one super-secret file which I intend to release shortly after the finished book hits your ereader. All of them are Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved for the time being, but this is a temporary state that will only last until I have a better option ready.




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2 responses to “Biotech Legacy: Long Fall — Notes!

  1. I wish Google Drive didn’t rip the tabs out of my file. Grrr…

  2. Also, a note on the notes: I’ll be syncing these copies with my working files regularly. If you’re following along with development, the most important file to watch will be the Outline, which is always gaining new information, or seeing plans scrapped.


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