Notes: Stars Rain Down

For the spoiler-loving crowd, I’m posting my first set of notes tonight. I’d intended to do so last night, but my schedule jostled a slight little bit.

Before we get into the current stuff, we’ll be taking a look at a selection of original notes from Stars Rain Down. I thought it was a good idea to set up where ideas in the newer notes originated, and imagined it might be interesting to see how things have changed precisely. Few of these have been touched at all since 2007 (eek!), and the information inside doesn’t always sync up completely with the finished novel, let alone current story developments. Please keep in mind that these were personal notes and haven’t been edited in any appreciable way. There are a number of embarrassing errors… such as the continual misspelling of the word anomalous (headslap). You’ve been warned.

If you haven’t read Stars yet, this is heavy spoiler territory. There are also several potential spoilers for Long Fall, but files containing them are marked. In many cases, the specific details have changed in the years since I wrote these down, but you’re still advised to tread cautiously.

On with the show…

Note: all files are in TXT format, and may not read nicely in a web-browser.

The background notes for Long Fall will be coming up next, most likely in the next week. These will all be exceptionally spoilerific, and will be updated regularly as new information is added, changed, or removed.


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