Felix Concept Art, Final-ish

This is probably the last revision I’ll be posting of this piece, at least for a little while.

Astute observers will notice some differences between Felix here and how he was described in Stars Rain Down, which are the result of two factors. First, he’s physically changed since the events of the first book (I’ll explain that in detail later). Second, I cheaped out and didn’t model some parts of him. In a few cases, I found I preferred the model version to what I had in mind, so I’m planning to make accommodations in the story.

If you want a peek behind the curtain, I’m also posting the original model and the same model rendered in orthogonal views, which should give you a good break-down of what sort of post-processing went into the final pic. The armored carapace on the back is also hiding a crew compartment (currently unfurnished), which you can see here.

That’s all for this minute, but the first chapter of Long Fall should be going up here tonight unless there’s some kind of unforeseen catastrophe.


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