Game Review — Proteus

In other news, I wrote a review of the recently released indie game, Proteus, for the kind folks over at ColonyOfGamers.

The first question you’re likely to have about Proteus also happens to be the source of all the controversy: What the heck is it exactly?

Even now, I can’t say I’m completely sure. Proteus arrives dressed like a game and my first impulse is to call it just that, but I know it won’t fit most people’s definition of what a game is or should be. There are no weapons or scores, no puzzles or obstacles. There isn’t an overt narrative or any visible goal other than exploration. Essentially, Proteus is motion, music, and the passage of time. There are only these three pieces, and you’re invited to take a stroll about and observe their interplay.

Interest piqued? Check out the full review by following this link.


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