And That Concludes Our Fire Sale

With just over 1,800 copies of Stars Rain Down released into the wild, our brief free promotion comes to an end. The experiment seems fairly successful, though I suppose it could’ve been better (I mean, I’ve heard of some books moving more than 14,000 copies in 2 days), but it ranked well among Science-Fiction during the entire run, and there are now nearly 2,000 more people who’ve heard of me.

I didn’t keep particularly rigorous records of the downloads, but I can say the traffic defied my expectations (as it always seems to do). There were roughly 900 downloads on the first day (Thursday), and roughly 300 each day afterward. I’d be tempted to assume the initial spike was because the book was fresh to the list, and thus more interesting to new readers, but it actually climbed in the charts for the next two days which would seem to indicate that traffic overall had decreased after Thursday. Strange. It’s some interesting data to puzzle over.

Anyway, Stars is now back on sale… like, for money, and stuff… and I’ll be eagerly watching to see what effect this promotion had. With any luck, some of those 1,800 people will actually read the book, like it, and maybe even tell a friend or two. Keeping my fingers crossed.



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3 responses to “And That Concludes Our Fire Sale

  1. Let us know if you see sales spikes of your other books as a result of them reading Stars.

    • Will do. I can already tell you that sales on Stars itself are spiking, probably just from the increased exposure. If these numbers are correct, I’ve already seen roughly half a month’s sales today alone… which also speaks to just how few copies I’m moving most of the time.

  2. Talis

    Stars Rain Down is great! I hope theres going to be a sequel!


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