Release Announcement — The Salvaged Sword of Vengar

Greetings, all you wonderful people out there!

Tonight, I’m very pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new chapter in the adventures of Vengar the Barbarian… The Salvaged Sword of Vengar!

The Savage Sword of Vengar

Click on to learn more…

As some of you know, I lost my father this past November, and that put an unfortunate road-block in my progress on Arcana Universalis. Rather than letting that stop me dead in my tracks, however, I decided it was high-time to see Vengar’s triumphant return.

Welcome back to the Hyperbolic Age, a time that time forgot, when men were drunk, women were unhappy, and goat was the other white meat. Into this melodramatic yet somehow lost epoch strides a mighty figure, a king cursed to never again remember his homeland who wanders the thousand-and-one kingdoms in search of what he’s lost. His name is Vengar, and he’s a barbarian.

Shudder with anxiety as our hulking hero drinks foul concoctions unfit for human consumption. Thrill as he kidnaps dark ruffians and wages war against barbarians even bigger than himself, and shake your head in dismay as he does irreparable damage to his liver.

In this episode…

On a quest to recover his stolen property, Vengar arrives in the northern lands of Sunderia, a harsh and unforgiving region that sees little tourism. There, he enlists the aid of a mysterious rogue and then charges off to confront the monstrous warlord who holds what he once held dear.

Can Vengar overcome the warlord and his Glum Horde? Will his mysterious new ally stab him in the back? And what the heck is with the goat milk, anyway?

Clocking in at roughly 35 pages, The Salvaged Sword of Vengar is a whole lot of adventure in a petite package.

Vengar the Barbarian! The mighty strange adventures of a strangely mighty man!

The Salvaged Sword of Vengar is currently an Amazon exclusive, and will hopefully be part of the Kindle Singles program soon. If not, it will be available for free from all of the usual sources in a few weeks.

Click here to purchase your copy!

Hurry up and go read. What are you waiting for? 😉



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4 responses to “Release Announcement — The Salvaged Sword of Vengar

  1. Excellent, my friend . . . and the cover looks phenomenal!


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