Universalis Cover Art Revealed!

My challenge this week has been designing a cover for the oh-so-very-mysterious Universalis preview novella, and today I’m very pleased to share a late work-in-progress!

More gritty details after the jump…

The image was produced using Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, and my cheap point-and-shoot camera. The final Photoshop source file is composed of 30 layers, is 425MB in size, and has a native resolution of 4890×7924. Just how big is that? It’s so blasted huge that at normal zoom, the thumb completely fills my screen. Yowza!

Special thanks to my brother for his kind assistance taking photos, and thanks also to my chubby hand-model whose sausage-like fingers are surely destined for fame and fortune.

The sharp eyed among you will have also noticed the full title, and that’s my other announcement today: Universalis is now officially Arcana Universalis, and this novella is subtitled Terminus. That’s two whole scoops of Latin in each and every box.

As for details about the story itself… well, you didn’t expect me to drop the veil of secrecy entirely, didja? I promise that all will be revealed very soon, but please feel free to speculate in the mean time. 😉



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