May In Review

Seems like just a month ago I was complaining about not having posted in a month. Good news, everybody! It’s only been 26 days. Now that’s what I call progress.

Tonight, I’ll be covering a little bit of news concerning Stars Rain Down, and a bit about the ever mysterious Universalis. Nothing Earth shattering of course (Shatter the Earth? But that’s where I keep all my stuff!), but hopefully this will be enough to keep appetites at least temporarily whetted.

First up, I’ve been rather pleased with SRD’s sales figures recently. During the month of May, it sold slightly more than one copy per day. This may not sound particularly impressive, but it’s twice what the book’s been averaging since it first went on sale back in September of last year. That’s the type of slow, steady growth I can really get behind, especially considering that I did jack-all to promote the book during the same period.

If growth like that continues, I’ll be swimming in yacht-money just as fast as you can say mizzen mast, me hardies.

But that’s the past; let’s talk about the future. Let’s talk a little about Universalis. Work essentially halted for an unfortunate stretch between… oh, let’s say late March and now, but I’ve recently refocused and reinvested myself. I’ve shifted myself over to a Ubuntu Linux desktop, partly because I really dig the interface, and partly because I’m hoping the lack of games and other distractions will help me get down to brass tacks on some prose.

Current word count is about 13,800, and I’m very close to the end of the first segment, which I hope to release as a stand-alone novella once it’s complete. In fact, I’m contemplating releasing each section episodically like that, followed by a release of the finished, compiled novel once all the separate pieces are done. The basic concept is to mimic how science-fiction novels were published back in the ’50s and ’60s, first in several parts in magazines and then as a full novel sometime afterward, which should increase my market presence and hopefully help introduce my work to a larger audience… I think.

One of the joys of working in the digital age is the freedom to experiment with format like this without having anyone (except maybe a few hungry fans) breathing down my neck. And if it doesn’t work out exactly like I plan? I’ve lost virtually nothing, and gained valuable insight in the process.

Alright, that seems like enough for one night. Time to head back to my text editor and see about hammering out another few words before I’m too sleepy to see straight.



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