Legal Update!

Sooooo… seems hardly anyone fell for my ruse, but a handful of ya were kind enough to play along and I thank you for being such good sports. Just to be clear, there is no lawsuit, no such firm as Kessler & Wright, and I’m actually rather looking forward to the premier of Falling Skies this June 19th. It certainly does bear an odd similarity to my book (enough that the rip-off has been a running gag with my friends for a few months now), but I’ve never suspected any foul play.

In case you haven’t seen anything about it yet, here’s the newest trailer:

See? Their aliens have extra legs, while mine have extra arms. Totally different. 😉

Also, I noticed that someone out there found the blog today by searching for koktopod digital press. Ummm, wrong kind of tentacles, buddy.

Hope you all had a great April Fool’s Day!


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One response to “Legal Update!

  1. Donovan Adkisson

    Yep, ya got me. Very good, sir! I guess that’s what I get for commenting before I’ve finished the book! 🙂


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