Read an eBook Week Pt. 2

And that concludes Read an eBook Week (which I mistakenly thought was started by Smashwords. Doh!). It’s been a pretty brisk week in terms of giving away books, with 44 copies of Stars distributed over at Smashwords, and 29 copies of Vengar. During the same period, Feedbooks moved 116 copies of Stars and 54 copies of Vengar. All told (squints and does arithmetic… looks as if he smells something funny for a second…), that’s another 243 pieces of writing out in the wild. None too shabby.

As for sales… well, let’s not go there right now.

With a smattering of luck, all those free copies will be read, enjoyed, and then gossiped about on Monday, resulting in fabulous sales, stardom, and new Ferraris for everyone!

A boy can dream, can’t he?

This upcoming week, I’ll be talking a bit more about the ever mysterious Universalis, and I’ll probably also babble about publicity for a few hundred words. Seems my previous plan to jump Rocklin Gorge on a bicycle fell through when I discovered there is no Rocklin Gorge, and I’ve been on the hunt for good ideas ever since.

Stupid non-existent gorge, grumble grumble grumble.

Last, I’d like to take a quick moment and send out my prayers to the people of Japan. I’ve spent a surprising amount of the past few days just staring in shock at the damage done by the earthquakes and tsunamis, and I can hardly even imagine having to live through something like that. It’s horrific. They currently estimate more than 10,000 deaths, with thousands still missing and unaccounted for; as unrealistic as it may be, I honestly hope each and every one of them is found and returned to safety.

After a week like this, I think a little unrealistic hope is called for.

Until next time…


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