Coming Out of Hibernation

I’ll put this simply: I don’t deal with the Winter very well… and that’s a gross understatement. It’s like saying salmon don’t deal with grizzlies very well.

It’s been three looooooong months since my last post here, and I figured it’s past time to update you fine folks on what’s cooking here in the Oktopod labs, and also time to start trickling out information about my next project. *cue suspenseful music*

First up, let’s talk about Stars Rain Down (that pretty red and blue thing over to the right). The book is selling slowly but steadily at a rate somewhere around 0.5 copies per day, and bringing in around $30 a month. I won’t be buying my first yacht anytime soon, but I’ve nevertheless made a few hundred smackaroos, and I’m generally pretty happy. The book has also been downloaded somewhere around 5,500 times (mostly for free), and that’s not bad distribution for a first time author. Not bad at all.

On the recruitment front, things haven’t been so peachy, and it’s fair to say I simply haven’t been aggressive enough in scouting talent. I’m finding it challenging enough to manage and motivate myself at this stage, so I haven’t invested a ton of effort in attracting new writers into the fold. And ya know what? I’m okay with that for the time being.

Next up, I’ve got a bit of news regarding my next project. *cue thunder crash* If you remember, I gabbed a bit back in November about Hurt Tomorrow, a sci-fi thriller I was working on. I put quite a lot of work into that story and its world, and while I fully intend to finish it someday, I’ve temporarily set it aside in favor of something else… something that started with a spark in mid-December, and which I’m simply more passionate about right now.

Call me fickle. I don’t mind.

So, what is this mysterious new project? All I’m revealing today is that it’s a fantasy novel with an unusual setting. Let’s call it Universalis. You’ll be hearing much more about it in the coming weeks… ya know, unlike the last time I said that. *facepalm*

While I’ve got you here, I’d like to share a couple programs I recently discovered. The first is WriteMonkey, one of those distraction-free writing programs, and my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s fast, light-weight and heavily configurable… just my kind of app. My other new discovery is an open source ePub editor called Sigil, which looks like it’ll fit into my workflow just perfectly. The ePub edition of Universalis is currently planned to be the lead edition this go around, and I’ll most likely be using Sigil to produce it.

Finally, just a reminder that I could always use new readers. If you have friends or family who enjoy a bit of space opera, I’d appreciate if you could point them toward Stars Rain Down. Now, I won’t beg… actually, yes I will. Please, please, please help me buy a yacht. I promise to throw the most awesome parties, where we all sip Cristal and dance till dawn.

Won’t someone think of the parties?

Alright, that’s enough for one post. Be on the lookout for more info on Universalis, more shameless begging, and one very big promotion coming soon.

Thanks for reading!



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