Stars Rain Down Sales Rally

Most likely thanks to Joe Konrath’s blog post (and the repost at Kindle Nation Daily), Stars Rain Down is enjoying a bit of a sales rally. Today’s sales have nearly matched the entire month of October’s, and the novel is currently ranked #82 in the Kindle store’s Science-Fiction Adventure charts, right between William Gibson’s Count Zero and a World of Warcraft novelization (that’s Science-Fiction?).

Remind me never to malign Tuesdays again.

If you’ve been considering buying a copy, there’s never been a better time than the present. Let’s see just how far up the charts I can go.



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4 responses to “Stars Rain Down Sales Rally

  1. ben

    Has the paid version got anything more in it the. The version?

    • They’re pretty much the same, except that the Feedbooks version still contains a number of typos that have been corrected in the other available versions.

  2. Angie

    I just wanted to contact Chris and tell him how much I loved this book. I just finished it (I got it off of Feedbooks on a whim) and I’m so glad I found it! I LOVED it, I’ve been reading it every chance I got for the past few days. I found your ideas original, invigorating, and wonderfully stimulating. The book makes you think quite a bit about humans would handle something like this, and also about how adaptive we really are.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff Chris, I can’t wait for the next book (I’m starting “The King, His Son…” today!).

    Have a great holiday and good luck with your career. If I could have bought a paper copy of your book somewhere I would’ve to add it to my collection, I hope to see your name in the bookstores soon!

    • Oh my… I completely missed when this was posted, and I apologize for not responding. I’m so sorry!

      Thank you so very much for the comment, and I’m really glad you enjoyed Stars. As for the career, I must admit it’s slow going so far, but of course you can help by spreading the word around. Word of mouth is one of the most precious commodities in the world, and I can use every last bit of help I can get.

      As for a print edition, I have plans to release one through Createspace in the new year. It’s unfortunately not been a priority, but I’d really like to have a nice copy available for folks that want one.

      Thank you again, Angie, and I hope your holidays are fantastic.



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