Nose to the Grindstone

It’s been one of those weeks.

Every morning this month, I’ve awoken to find my sales numbers lying stagnant, while a pressure slowly built behind my eyeballs. That pressure was frustration, and it managed to push everything else aside until only a bitter, moody bastard remained.

No one likes a bitter, moody bastard, least of all me.

I turned to my favorite pressure release valve, computer games, and spent some quality time murdering people on the internet while waiting for reviewers to get back to me. This was just dandy… until Monday.

Monday, my beloved video card passed away. *cue Taps*

With my computer suddenly reduced to 2003 levels of 3D machismo, my frustration reached epic levels. The bitter, moody bastard swelled up to gargantuan size, his skin turned green, and all of his clothes tore away save for a pair of tight purple pants. I had become The Incredible Jerk.

The universe sends you messages sometimes if you’re willing to listen.

I may be mistaken, but I think the universe is telling me to start work on my next novel. I’ve been thinking about it and talking about, but haven’t actually been doing it. That all changes today. I’m back at the keyboard full-time, and I plan to finish by New Year’s.

Last time I did this, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. In fact, I came out in pretty bad condition (mentally and physically), so I’m setting down some guidelines:

  • Exercise! Healthy is happy, and happy is productive.
  • Eat well. Gorging on junk food is a crappy, depressing way to live. Cook a real dinner at least a few nights a week.
  • Remember to go outside every now and again. A little daylight can make all the difference in the world.
  • Stay in contact with the outside world. Friends are an invaluable tool in the struggle to remain sane.

The other big change is that I’ll be blogging about my progress right here at the Oktopod blog. Expect two or more updates a week, and be ready to call the authorities if I start sounding dangerous. 😉

Alright. Let’s do this thing.


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