New Video! Only 7 Days Left!

So, here we are in the final week of my Kickstarter project, and things… well, they don’t look so hot. In fact, unless there’s some kind of minor miracle over the weekend, I’m going to be celebrating a crushing defeat about this time next Wednesday.

But the game isn’t over yet!

Today, I’ve posted a fantastic new video for your viewing pleasure, which includes a special and mysterious new prize. Unlike my last video, this one features my chubby and poorly shaven visage addressing you directly, accompanied by a series of rather sarcastic subtitles that help draw attention away from my face.

The fat lady isn’t singing yet!

It may just be the 12 cups of coffee talking, but I feel something special. Can you feel it? I bet you can… It’s kind of like muscular tremors and a headache, and I think that feeling is VICTORY!

So, let’s get this thing done. Let’s redouble, nay, re-quadruple our efforts! Contact everyone you know and tell them that some heavy slacker needs their help!

We can do it!

…and if not, oh well. Grab a bottle of nice wine, pour yourself a glass, and help me celebrate defeat. 🙂


This post is reprinted from my Kickstarted project page. Hop and over and take a look already!



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2 responses to “New Video! Only 7 Days Left!

  1. ael

    Maybe you should talk more about what you’d do with the $3500.

    • The answer basically amounts to “banner ads”, and I didn’t figure anyone would be too excited to hear about all the sites I’d be paying for space. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely give it some thought. 🙂


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