Kickstarter: First Week

My first week running a Kickstarter project is officially in the bag, with three left to go. I’m picking up skills steadily, but it feels like the biggest challenges are still waiting to be surmounted.

I’m currently at 11% funded with $395. That’s a healthy start, but the unfortunate truth is that most of those pledges are friends and acquaintances, which means I badly need to tap into a larger market. I’d hoped that the first rush of supporters would help promote, leading to exposure with their friends and sort of blossoming out from there, but that doesn’t appear to be happening. It may just not have reached critical mass yet.

My few attempts to get coverage from small venues have so far been met with silence. I considered mailing bribes along with my letters, but couldn’t figure out how to stuff five bucks into an email. Blast you, technology!

I’m also running a Google Adwords campaign (thanks to a gift certificate), but it’s completely failed to bring in any clicks whatsoever. This may be in part due to my ad campaign: Click here to get kicked in the nards.

My next major target will be podcasts. With a little luck, I’ll manage to horn my way onto a show or two and mesmerize the listening audience with the dulcet tones of my voice. I should probably find some space in my budget for a hypnosis manual.

In summary, my Kickstarter project’s current endangered species rating is: threatened. With a little elbow grease and some help from my friends, I can still pull it back on track, though.

Take a look at the project page, if you haven’t already, and pass the link around!


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