Re-Release Announcement: Vengar the Barbarian!

Today, I’m proud to announce the re-release of Vengar the Barbarian in… The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer and His Lover (ouch, ouch, finger cramp, yowie) with brand new cover art, an updated layout and some small cosmetic changes. Exciting, isn’t it?

The fantastic and hilarious short story now looks like this:

Afraid it’s not actually that good? You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this pile of completely unbiased reviews, posted by people who weren’t even bribed for their opinions!

Want to read right now? Click on the image and you can enjoy the fruits of our labors instantly.

The story is also available for the Amazon Kindle as well as dang near every other device imaginable thanks to Smashwords. Anything not covered by those two is no doubt handled by Feedbooks. Finally, there’s Oktopod’s own fabulous release package, packed full of so many formats it’ll make your head spin, and the solo high-quality PDF release.

You can’t say we didn’t give you enough options.

Come on… Help me celebrate by downloading a copy today!

Note: The above is only a small fraction of the big changes currently under way. Don’t abandon your excitement just yet, Oktopod fans. We’re not done, and we won’t rest until your socks have been completely knocked off.



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4 responses to “Re-Release Announcement: Vengar the Barbarian!

  1. Great cover and witty title. 🙂

  2. Ted

    Very impressive, Spectre! Kudos!

    Any interest in other upstart authors joining the fray with you?


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