Mini Update

Just a couple quick hits on this lovely, sunny, sweltering Tuesday.

  • First up is the release of a Kindle client for Android. I’m really pleased to see Amazon aggressively supporting other platforms. It shows that they’re looking to build an inclusive ebook market, and not just ride one closed cash-cow device. I’m doubly pleased because Android would be my OS of choice if I had a cell.
  • For my next bit of news, I’ll direct you to the following image:

    That’s right, Vengar is currently #49 on the Kindle Short Story market! Of course, I conveniently failed to mention that I’ve only sold five copies, so this is actually sad news for short stories on the Kindle rather than great news for me… But what the heck, I’ll take it!
  • Naturally, the second I finally start making a few sales, Amazon breaks down. Some features are working sporadically, but the entire site remains ten kinds of broken. I imagine someone’s getting waaaaay fired tomorrow.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for more free reading options, you can now find Vengar the Barbarian in… The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer and His Lover (man, that title is really starting to cramp my fingers) at Feedbooks, a lovely service that offers public domain and Creative Commons ebooks in a nice variety of formats.

That’s it for today. Tune in tomorrow for a bit of free webfiction, Thursday for a super-mega-massive link round-up, and Friday for another exciting article about the future of digital publishing.


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