Thursday Link Round-Up

A few choice selections on the subject of indie writing:

  • RedAdept asks indie authors Why Go Indie? Some of the answers are intriguing, most aren’t too surprising, and a few are hilarious.
  • Debbi Mack tackles the author’s obsession with numbers in I’m Not A Number. A nice bit of perspective from an indie author who’s doing quite well for herself.
  • MCM over at 1889 Labs tells us Why Print Is Bad For Indie Writers. Thought provoking piece with a lot of experience to back up his thesis.
  • The Wall Street Journal posted ‘Vanity’ Press Goes Digital. I find the title a little less than ideal, but the article is actually chocked full of hope and success stories.
  • On the other end of the spectrum is Laura Miller’s When anyone can be a published author, which takes a pretty dim view of the new wave of self-publishing. Her primary concern is how to wade through the mountains of crap to find the rare gem, and it’s a good question. Our success depends on coming up with a good answer.

So, any articles get your neurons all fired up this week? Let me know.


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