Post Release Retrospective

Thursday was launch day, and now that there’s a temporary lull, it seems like a good time to take a look at how that went. I’ll tell you upfront that it wasn’t the explosive success I might have wished for if I had a magic lamp (where the heck is my magic lamp?), but things are never-the-less off to a pretty good start.

First up, some statistics… exciting stuff, I know. This blog saw its highest traffic yet with 56 views on Thursday. That’s 56 pairs of eyes who’d never seen the word Oktopod before, so I’ll count that as a minor success. It sounds even better if I count them as 112 separate eyes, but I digress.

There are a few other blessings to count while I’m at it. My launch thread at Colony of Gamers racked up about 250 views, and the Vengar torrent file at Demonoid has apparently been grabbed about 200 times.

These may not sound like very large numbers, but for a first release with precisely $0 spent on marketing or publicity, it’s not bloody bad. Not bad at all.

Next up are the unknowns. I have no way of knowing how many times the full release package or PDF have been grabbed off this site, and that’s a problem I need to fix. Badly. There could be hundreds of them out in the wild, or maybe just 5. I’m completely in the dark.

Finally, there’s the sour news. So far, the initial publicity drive has resulted in precisely 0 comments anywhere concerning the story. I’m not going to dwell on that fact just yet; after all, people need time to read and digest, and even then, the vast majority of folks never leave comments on anything. Still, the commenting public are the people I need to court right now–those folks who rant and rave and tell their friends–so it’s something to keep an eye on.

There’s also the matter of sales. I’ve currently sold 1 copy over the Amazon Kindle service, and am ranked (comically) #105,770 in the Kindle Store by sales. That sale was to my mother, but let’s just pretend I didn’t say that. Things look better on Smashwords where I’ve sold 2 copies, and I’m reasonably certain that neither customer gave birth to me.

Of course, sales haven’t been my primary focus, so I’m not sweating it too much right now. It’s actually far, far more important to me that there are (potentially) a few hundred copies floating around the digital ether right now, because this first effort is more about mindshare than it is about dollar signs.

Obscurity is my nemesis, and I’m not just fighting it… I’m waging war.

Get ready for my second salvo coming later this week. In the meantime, why don’t you leave a comment? 🙂

~Chris J. Randolph



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2 responses to “Post Release Retrospective

  1. steffen

    I really enjoyed the Vengar story. Looking forward to more of his adventures

    • Very glad to hear ya liked it and thanks for becoming our very first commenter here at Oktopod! 🙂

      My #1 priority right now is getting a full-length novel out into the wild, but I definitely have plans for more Vengar adventures. If all goes well, you should be seeing more of him this fall.


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