Release Announcement: Vengar the Barbarian!

Vengar the Barbarian in... The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer and His Lover

I’m pleased to announce our very first release here at Oktopod Digital Press — Vengar the Barbarian in… The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer and His Lover.

Welcome to the Hyperbolic Age, a prehistoric era when men were mighty, women were buxom, and neither could be trusted in the dark. Into this melodramatic yet somehow lost epoch strides a mighty figure, a king cursed to never again remember his homeland who wanders the thousand and one kingdoms in search of what he’s lost. His name is Vengar, and he’s a barbarian.

Shudder with terror as our hulking hero faces unearthly creatures from the furthest reaches of possibility. Thrill as he seduces luscious ladies and wages war against vile sorcerers, and shake your head in dismay as he makes far too many decisions with that certain part of the male anatomy.

In this episode…

When Vengar comes to the sandstone city of Tensara, a mysterious maiden begs him to rescue her sister from a wicked sorcerer. He accepts the mission but it quickly turns into more than he bargained for, tangling him up in a dastardly plot to start a civil war. Can Vengar prevent the coming war? Will he bed the maiden? What’s the deal with the ridiculously big sword, anyway?

At roughly 30 pages, The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer and His Lover is a ton of fun in a bite-size package. “The perfect afternoon read,” says the author’s mother, and we think you’ll agree.

Vengar the Barbarian! The mighty strange adventures of a strangely mighty man!

Great! Where can I get it?

Vengar is available through Amazon’s Kindle service, as well as through Smashwords where it comes in a wide variety of formats. At both locations, the story is for sale at the oh-so-sweet price of just 99 cents.
Vengar @ Amazon Kindle
Vengar @ Smashwords

Wait, I thought someone said free?

Indeed! You can also grab high-quality copies right here at Oktopod Digital Press for FREE! Yes, you read that right. For the so-bleeding-low-this-guy-must-be-postively-bonkers price of absolutely nada, Vengar the Barbarian can be yours right now.

The official release package, which includes copies of the story in HTML, Epub, MOBI, Plucker, PDF, TXT & ODF, can be found right here:
Vengar the Barbarian FREE DOWNLOAD
For your convenience, you can also grab the PDF version all by itself.

All we kindly ask in return is that you tell someone else about it. Otherwise, you can feel free to read, enjoy, and pass it around the same way you would with ill-begotten media. You might also consider sharing your thoughts over at Goodreads, but we won’t pressure you… well, maybe just a little. *nudge nudge*

What’s next for Oktopod?

We have an even bigger release lined up, a science-fiction novel that I’m sure will knock your socks off. You’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the next few months, but here’s a little preview of the cover art to whet your appetite:

Stars Rain Down... Coming Soon!

Cheers, and be sure to subscribe!
~Chris J. Randolph



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2 responses to “Release Announcement: Vengar the Barbarian!

  1. So I popped over from Kindlereads looking for the free download (yup, I’m that cheap!)

    I clicked on the free and it said it was a zip file–I take it that all the formats are somehow loaded in there and I have to download them all to get the one I want?

    Just checking. I’m into sci-fi. And I know what can happen when a mysterious zip file is unzipped on an unsuspecting computer…



    P.S. I love the cover!

    • Hi Maria,

      The zip file is indeed loaded with different formats. If it makes you feel any better, I’m confident it’s virus and malware free, and no one’s reported any kind of infection after a few hundred downloads.

      Of course, I do look kind of suspicious and I honestly wouldn’t trust me either. The good news is that I anticipated this, and beneath the standard free download, you’ll also find a PDF version available separately.

      And just in case you’re really stuck on reading with your Kindle, here’s the .mobi version, just for you. 😉

      In any case, I recommend you practice safe internetting. Always use protection! 🙂

      Glad you like the cover.

      Take care,


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