Greetings From The Deep…

Welcome, one and all. Kindly pardon our dust… the page may not look like much yet, but the project has been in the works for quite some time, and (ready or not) the day has finally come for it to surface.

But what the heck is this, exactly?

Oktopod is an independent publisher focused on digital distribution. Our goal first and foremost is to bring you excellent writing—the sort that touches your heart and tickles your brain—but we’re also so much more. Oktopod is a vision for the future of publishing, and we want you to be involved.

The Story So Far

Traditional publishing as it exists today is an outgrowth of the industrial revolution; its history is the history of the printing press, and its current monolithic structure came about because of the crushing cost of manufacturing and distributing a physical product — books.

To a new fiction writer, entrance into the industry presents a series of daunting (and for many, insurmountable) obstacles. We mail off short stories and wait in silence, hoping against hope to make our first sale. We send our manuscripts to one agent after another, desperately searching for someone who believes in our work enough to sell it to an editor.

We face rejection time and again, praying for a magic moment to arrive, that one fateful roll of the dice that gets our work in front of the person who finally says, “Yes.”

And this isn’t just the story of the amateur, the hopeful, or the wannabe. Even the greatest works of fiction, we’re told, were rejected hundreds of times before finally finding a home.

Here at Oktopod, we’re tired of waiting for yes. We think there’s a better way.

A New Chapter

Oktopod is a rejection of the old system. Instead, we believe that the business of writing should be run by writers. It’s high time for us to interact with our readers directly, and thanks to the information revolution, we have the tools to make it happen.

We’re not just embracing information technology; we’ve got our tentacles positively wrapped around it.

While publishing of days past was monolithic, characterized by massive companies lumbering forth at a glacial pace, we’re instead forging a system that’s agile and decentralized. We envision teams of authors coming together to form independent labels, able to finance their own advertising, artwork and editing.

We can see the future, and now we want you to see it, too.

Oktopod is one such label. We’re independent authors coming together for a common benefit, committed to delivering high quality writing any which way we can. And we do mean literally “any which way”; we stand ready to exploit every single strength digital distribution has to offer.

To paraphrase Cory Doctorow, we understand that our greatest threat as authors isn’t piracy, but obscurity. As such, you’ll soon be able to find our work for sale through ebook stores, as well as available for free on filesharing networks everywhere.

Wherever there’s a dark corner of the internet, you’ll find us there handing out our writing, always free to copy and free to remix.

Here’s Where You Come In

For all you readers out there, all we really want you to do is read. Simple enough, right? Of course, we love to hear your comments and criticism, and we especially appreciate when you tell your friends about us… even if it’s just to tell them how much we suck.

And for the writers in the crowd, we want you to share in our vision. Whether you’re joining our team here at Oktopod or building your own label, the future of this endeavor depends on you.

It’s your time to shine. Join me. What do we have to lose?

And This Is How It Begins

This blog is our launching pad, where you can find out about all of the latest Oktopod news and releases. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some articles detailing our methods and madness, as well as tutorials in order to help get your own indie publishing efforts up to speed.

Thanks for stopping by, and I really hope something here struck a chord with you.

~Chris J. Randolph ( Spectre-7 )
Cephalopod Executive Officer



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2 responses to “Greetings From The Deep…

  1. Samantha

    I understand it is an old system in need of reform, my concern is that with everyone self-publishing there is no way to determine which writing has been vetted. I mean, I can let my family and friends read a manuscript and they think it is all great, but without the traditional set-up how do you find the unbiased critique? Curious.

  2. Great business plan and clever acronym. I’ll be keeping my eyes open around here. You never know what you might find here in the deepest abysses of creativity.


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